TOTOLINK AC500 Wireless LAN Controller

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TOTOLINK AC500 เป็น Wireless LAN Controller สำหรับบริหารจัดการ TOTOLINK Ceiling Mount AP และ In-wall AP series. รองรับ Access Points สูงสุด 200 ตัว เหมาะสำหรับโรงแรม อ็อฟฟิศ สำนักงาน อาคาร โรงเรียน ร้านอาหาร.

  • Access Point Discovery Automatically
    • AC500 could automatically find out all TOTOLINK ceiling mount APs and in-wall APs in the network, allowing you to control all by adding them into AP management list.
  • Centralized Management By Group
    • Multiple AP groups could be created in AC500 so that you can central manage all APs by group easily and fast, including unified Wireless Basic settings, Channel assignment, firmware upgrade, configuration file import, etc. All access points support plug-and-play without any separate setup.
  • Flexible Network Deployment
    • The AC500 wireless LAN controller can be used for LAN management, WEB management, or even “Cloud management” without network manager, simplifying the network deployment for various environments.
  • Access Points Isolation, Multiple Wi-Fi Networks Available
    • Featured by AP isolation, AC500 enables APs under management to create multiple SSIDs and isolate them due to different network purpose so that each network connected terminals can’t access to each other, protecting user’s privacy conveniently.
  • USB 2.0 For Unified Firmware Upgrade
    • As long as you upload latest AP firmware to storage device and plug it into AC500’s USB 2.0 port, the controller will automatically detect all AP’s existing firmware version and upgrade them to the latest version, making the AP maintenance more flexible and intelligent.
  • SSID Binding With VLAN
    • AC500 allows different SSID binding with different Tag VLAN and DHCP to provide IP address range in different domain, realizing the real traffic isolation between different wireless networks to guarantee the network security.

ประกันศูนย์ Lifetime

ดาวน์โหลด TOTOLINK AC500 Datasheet

฿ 3,590 ฿ 3,590
฿ 3,090 ฿ 3,090 -14%
฿ 4,990 ฿ 4,990
฿ 4,290 ฿ 4,290 -14%
฿ 5,990 ฿ 5,990
฿ 4,950 ฿ 4,950 -17%
฿ 4,990 ฿ 4,990
฿ 3,950 ฿ 3,950 -21%